It was the light what did it!

Back in the 90’s when TV shows on interior design were a big hit, every wall was painted some off white with a hint of warmth, the trend went on for all builders and developers to paint everything neutral in some format of “magnolia”.

In the UK we like warm interiors where we spend so much of the year tucked away.

Now this is only my theory, and I would relish the argument…but people have tended to want blinds rather than Pelmets with heavy curtains and large open plan kitchen living spaces with the dream of bi fold doors to replace whole walls to let in daylight.

The more we learnt to love natural light and as windows are more efficient at keeping heat in, we accepted daylight, north light and more blue into our homes.

Grey’s slowly revealed themselves as the huge range of versatile tones that suited our natural Northern Hemisphere with more blue as a percentage of the light than our South Mediterranean equivalents. When picking colours for a room, you need to know the orientation relative to the sun and the way the colour of daylight changes across the day and seasons. The Lighting Designer’s job is to work equally with daylight and electric light, thinking through the success of a room is a often a complex (but enjoyable) challenge.