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Neuro Marketing i.e “how to turn people left or right in a retail store”

by | Mar 25, 2021

Neuro Marketing / or Neuroscience has become more mainstream in the last decade as published studies give it more credence to the point any large multi-million pound physical build will attempt to put science behind the design decision, thus predict a persons behaviour and thus influence the decision.

The essence is that all feelings, thoughts and actions are at a base level just neuro activity and once you can predict the activity in the brain you can influence and even manipulate that decision making.

It has taken the 21stCentury to scan brain activity either with MRI or EEG scans to prove links to human perception. Thus old qualitative marketing activities like brand preferences of Coke Vs Pepsi and now be measured in neuro activity in the brain, giving a metric to the outcome backed by “science”.

If you studied design before, you may recall Gestalt principles dating back to 1890’s, in lighting design we use six  gestalt principles directly as core to an “aesthetically pleasing” design. For example 7 or more light fixtures / downlights in circular formation so that the eye fills in the gaps and sees a coherent circle, applying the law of “Closure”.

Although I have much to discuss on the relevance and prevalence of the number “7” for the future, the principle of closure is the tendency to perceive a single pattern as a whole and not its individual elements.

My contention is that my professional lighting design has always aligned itself closely with human perception, Neuro Sciences offer us insights and tools which must be themselves tested and seen in context, as designers we don’t drop the lessons of history and great works to follow the next “glittering” thing.

“Architecture is the learned game, correct and magnificent, of forms assembled in the light.”

Le Corbusier.


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