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We only have 10 years to save the world but it’s going to take us 100 years to do it

by | Sep 22, 2021

World Pandemic or not, we have all noticed the wealth of supporting information to climate change and our responsibility personally and in business to adapt. 

As lighting designers we are not complacent or satisfied with just a switch to LEDs, it is effectively “green washing” to swap to an inexpensive GU10 Led or a cheap product that claims it is energy saving but breaks after 1 to 2 years only to be disposed of …and yes most domestic light bulbs still go to landfill.

pay a little more for quality that lasts!”

Two items make a difference, firstly “Sustainability” are we buying luminaires that will last for the long term? Is it able to be maintained, upgraded (with more efficient LEDs) in the future? Can the items be easily identified and deconstructed at the end of its life.

Secret Lighting are showing our NEW “custom build” lighting range at the NEC show “Grand Designs Live” October 2021. Each luminaire can be maintained from the front not pulled from the ceiling, they are easy to upgrade, use high quality aluminium components that are easy to assemble and disassemble, designed for a lifetime and this is just the start for us…

Secondly, as a move to genuine change as lighting designers we can lower the overall lighting used in a design, “lower energy by design” . Gone are rows of spotlights…in fact we now go much further and it disagrees with all the books and articles …the new way of design cuts ambient light as a layer of a designed home. We use neuroscientific principles and human centric behaviours to create personalised scenes…it sounds complicated but we call it “Tutti Fruitti” and can show you how it works in the next 5 minute Blog…


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