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Problems we Solve in One Day

by | May 4, 2023

How do you light a Naturist camp in Montenegro with No electricity and avoid being bitten by bugs?

Not a joke but some of the projects we do really see (or actually want to unsee!)

Star Trek apartments with automated sliding doors (& lights), Water Towers 50 feet in the air becoming homes…

What all projects desire who come to us is “insights and knowledge” to turn brick, concrete & timber into atmospheres, mood and come alive by designing good lighting. 

Not everyone wants (can afford) a full lighting design service, but just to “tap into” 30 years of experience and skill, help with unique ideas and avoid costly mistakes. Your project is unique, but imagine the value of working with someone who has done this hundreds of times and has insights, unique ideas and can impart that to you in just a few hours?

“Design in a Day”

Come and work with Phil at our home / studio in Shropshire for the day and move your project along to the next level, add ideas you never dreamt of, avoid “rows” of spotlights and get the inside knowledge on products and prices. With the lighting now “done” you can move onto automation, final plans for electricians and builders / plasterers (in case we need embody light in walls and floors) add shadow gaps, troughs and low level floor washlights. 

Design in a Day is a single day consultancy and not finished drawings, schedules and wiring diagrams… (that is our “Compleat Designer”) the price is just £1,000 (+ vat). You will take away many sketches, notes, project images and even record/ video highlights and feel a huge excitement on how much Phil has brought your project along to the next level.

Come to us or we come to you?

In our home / studio we have lots of samples, formal lit examples and over 160 different profiles to create the beautiful edges of light or your very own decorative / designer lights. Lots of people add on a nights stay in the local historic town that makes the event very memorable.

We also recognise it may be more suitable for Phil to visit you and will happily give you a quotation for the extra costs.

Why not bring with you a member of your project team? Architect or builder or electrician?

Whilst this applies to many homes, we design also for cafes, hotels, retail …oh and even “specialist” campsites !

**A shout out to Designecologist for the photo**


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