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Sky Light/ Lantern Lighting

by | May 22, 2023

“Halo” all the way around or just the corners?

Comfortable light washing walls and table below.

At Secret Lighting we call this “low energy by design”. Why do more than you need and end up with over bright sky light, glare and reflections, save money and energy.

Warning Techy Bit: Lit with 3000Kelvin (warm white) 24VDC LED 140 dots per meter (to avoid “spotting”) 9.5Watt per mtr. installation below is 2 X 800mm (each corner). Using rear winged PDS-T profile (supplied with 90degree mechanical connector & “sacrificial” lens to allow plastering & painting then install the LED and opal diffuse lens at 70% transmission. (note lenses, depth of profile and dot count ensure lack of “spotting”)

Photos courtesy of Paul and Greta


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