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Welcome to the Secret Lighting Company

With over 25 years experience in professional lighting you are in safe hands and no project is too small.
A family business, where you get personal service.

We design where to place lights for the best effect, we help make plans of where those lights will be fitted, how they will be fitted and we supply you the lights and controls (if you wish). We then support your builder and electrician to install our designs.

We work all over the UK, and always have projects across the heart of England. Our offices are based in beautiful county of Shropshire and our clients start their journey with us here, where we get to understand you and your project and share ideas with the advantage of samples and previous reference projects to help the space come alive. Shropshire is a beautiful county worth a visit and often clients make Shrewsbury a destination for the day or overnight with great hotels and restaurants in the old town or around the river.

At the Secret Lighting Company we believe everyone can access our professional services, and whatever size project you get to sit and work with Phil, we never pass small projects to juniors like some companies. The simplest service we offer is an intense and powerful single design session for under 2 hours, which maybe you just want some fresh ideas, technical advice and solve problems, then you can move your project on in a huge way for yourself. (Many self build, budget conscious people find this saves them lots of time and money to get inside trade tips and get it right first time…)


Whether you have a single session or a complete set of designs, we open a secret client area to you where you will find all the information discussed with your designer and all the output you expect from us. This always acts as a portal for you or your installation and design team to refer at any time of the day or night and saves lots of e-mails and calls between people whom you think should communicate together.

All great interior designs (and night time exteriors) relies on light to make them very special, we have studied and worked for many years to design and create these results, together we can make something quite special to be proud of.

Find the right service for you

Designer Friday

How to Design, Install and Wire Secret Lighting in One Day

Design in a Day


Concept, style and select the fixtures for a complete home in one day

Design in a Box

One Room Solution - Internet Based



Concept, style, select the fixtures for a complete home in a week - floor by floor

What our clients say

“I did not know what a lighting designer was. I knew I wanted the lighting in my house extension to look special but did not have a clue how to go about it. In the space of two hours Phil opened my eyes, made me think about light and lighting in a completely different way and took me to “how does anyone manage without this”. If you think you understand lighting, think again.”  


Mr. Mrs Watney

Designed a 2 story extension to their country home, Shropshire.

“The day with Phil was incredibly helpful in getting to a really interesting design…..  saved me a great deal of time and energy trawling websites without enough knowledge to come to a decision on anything.  Their hospitality on the day was also wonderful. 

 I couldn’t recommend Phil highly enough”’


Mrs & Mrs Excall

Created a beautiful new home in Uxbridge.

What we achieved in a day was perfect, and the personalised designs we created with Phil went on to influence the interior design, we would never have achieved this, or anything like this on our own…Great day, recommend this to everyone doing a home project”

Mr & Mrs Hamblin

Kitchen & Family room extension, Birmingham.