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Bedroom lighting

New lighting ideas for bedrooms, bedhead lighting for master bedrooms or soft relaxing lighting bedrooms.

We also use Warm Dim techniques which can remove “blue” from the light and aid a good night’s sleep, often termed Human Centric Lighting.


One Idea

Tailored lighting design

We all look for inspiration, clever ideas and great design.

Our new galleries are for just that purpose, but we want to help you to understand how these ideas can be replicated and tailored to you.

“One Idea” makes us accessible, and you don’t have to contract to a design service but knowing how these lit effects are achieved to a professional level is at the very heart of Secret Lighting.

Lighting Inspiration Galleries

Have a browse through our galleries, when you find something you like, send it to us!

Bathroom Lighting Inspiration Gallery

Bathroom Lighting

Ideas for hidden bathroom lighting, under cabinet LED bathroom lighting or complete drop ceilings, new ideas for mirror lights with no wires!

Bedroom Lighting Inspiration Gallery

Bedroom Lighting

New lighting ideas for bedrooms, Bedhead lighting for master bedrooms or soft relaxing lighting bedrooms.

Cove Coving Lighting Inspiration Gallery

Cove lighting

Indirect, classic and rewarding light bounces from the wall and the ceiling to lift a room.

Custom Lighting Inspiration Gallery

Custom Lighting Projects

If you can draw it we can probably make it!  Secret Lighting can create bespoke, custom lights just one or a complete set for any space.

Hall, Stairs & Landing Lighting Inspiration Gallery

Hall, Stairs & Landing Lighting

Lighting ideas for your stairs, open tread stair lighting ideas, traditional staircases with a modern twist.

Kitchen & Dining Lighting Inspiration Gallery

Kitchen & Dining Lighting

Combining clever ceiling lighting, linear LED lights, glare free downlights & new ideas to replace pendant lights.

Living Room Lounge Lighting Inspiration Gallery

Living Room Lighting

Uplighting living rooms with cove lighting, soft lighting from floating walls backlit, feature walls, coffered ceilings backlit with warm or dynamic changing LED lighting.

Bedroom Lighting Inspiration Gallery

Exterior & Garden Lighting

Low level, pathway lighting, using extra warm LED lighting on evening terraces with 2500Kelvin LED hidden lighting.

Textured Wall Lighting Inspiration Gallery

Lighting for Textured Walls

A Secret Lighting blended and complete design often uses visual techniques of colour, texture, light and shade.

Ski Lodge Lighting Inspiration Gallery

Ski Lodge lighting

Lighting for a sky lodge, a hall, a castle…modern or historic buildings with sympathetic Secret Lighting.

Commercial Lounge Lighting Inspiration Gallery

Commercial Lighting

With almost 30 years of experience lighting retail, leisure, places of worship and of historical importance we know how to create powerful partnerships to deliver successful designs.

Whether you’re a self-builder, project manager, architect, electrician or anything in between, get in touch and we’ll show you what we can do

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