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One Room Revelation

A 3 hour consultation in our studio with Phil Gardner

For that difficult space, that vaulted ceiling, the large open plan living and zones

Designed for:

Project managers

Self Builders

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This is not just a lighting design consultation but consider the space, its shape, architecture and the way you want people to feel in that space, create moods and atmosphere in a superior way.

We will help plan the lighting, which lights to use, where and how to source them, how to install them (details & videos links for your electrician and construction team).

 Spending Quality time 1:1 with an expert, see and experience lit effects and turn this important, valuable space into the very best it can be.

The One Room Revelation is available Monday to Friday at our Studio in Shropshire by appointment.

Our other services

Transformation Days

A whole 1:1 day with Phil Gardner at our studio

Creative ideas & learn how to bring these ideas to life

The Compleat* Designer

Delivering an outstanding home

Full design projects, working as part of the design team

Whether you’re a self-builder, project manager, architect, electrician or anything in between, get in touch and we’ll show you what we can do

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