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Lighting “Design in a Box” professional design delivered to your door
…anywhere in Great Britain.

Lighting design in a box – all new version coming in 2020

Firstly we understand the architecture (which we can do from drawings) and secondly, your style, wishes and aspirations.  The chemistry of working face to face with our experienced design team helps us create the successful, bespoke interior, but it is not always possible for us to spend quality time together and so the “Design in a Box” was born.

The desire to allow anyone our services and not feel “too far away”, led us to launch “Design GB”, a web platform where we only meet on-line, no matter where you live in Great Britain.

The same expertise, quality and care we put into personal designs at our Shropshire offices, but with our communications by phone, e-mail and Skype(or face time etc) , we have designed for clients from the North of Scotland, Isle of Skye depths of Cornwall and busy homeowners across London who don’t have the time for travel or complex home meetings. Sometimes, our clients are just not able to sit and plan designs with us and so a design in a box, delivers all the drawings but also the extra “tactile” information you might have gained from a design session in our studio, like seeing real samples, often working.

We can e-mail plans and put all your data in our client area for the project (as we do for all clients), but to have pre-printed plans, specification sheets, installation instructions and working samples delivered to your door ready for a contractor to install can save you huge amounts of time…that’s another big thing on your project list ticked off.

Meet Bessie and Bob (this was the first design in a box) , constructing their dream home, whilst Bob’s blood pressure rises Bessie’s calm thinking has already preplanned for her dream home to be “Just the way she wanted”…umm and she has money left for other important needs!

[“Click the button”] – we are looking forward to making a new Bob and Bessie video in 2019.

Share your ideas, photos or plans and we will help every step of the way to explain what we can do and our simple price policy.


People send us pdf drawings, photos of architects drawings from standing on a chair (careful of any health and safety hazards of course!) links to your planning authority or just photos of the rooms as they are now.

We know everyone is individual and we would always love to hear an idea, way of working that suits you.

It all starts with a conversation!

Not quite right for your project?