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Just one day of your time to create a beautiful interior for your new home with light

Give us just one day of your time to create a beautiful interior for your new home with light


(with so much to do it’s another thing “ticked off the list”)

Plan a visit to our design office in Shropshire (or we can come to you … ask us?) and work with us together to design the lighting in your new home.  Normally from 10am til 4pm, we cover a complete concept for a home, ideas for all the rooms and develop the exciting ideas that will make your home unique, special and function perfectly for you.

We prepare in advance ideas and understand your drawings so that when we meet, we can go straight to work.

During our time together, we will be sketching ideas, lighting positions and describing their effects to you which means you have a personal and deep understanding of every luminaire and its contribution to your final design.

We normally take the designs from the day together and create formal computer aided designs with circuits, legends and schedules of lighting, equipment and installation instructions (note this optional as some self build clients wish to do their own drawings).

This is a perfect solution for someone who is project managing their own build or even a self-build where high quality finishes and good design is important but equally budgets need to be met.  You will take away from the design day not just lighting planning but a deep understanding of how and why your chosen luminaries are installed and you will be able to instruct your builder and electrician and support them with making the dream design come alive for you.

A word from Phil

Dear Home Owner,

We will meet at our inspiring location in South Shropshire, in such a beautiful part of the country many people take the opportunity to stay over in one of the many great pubs locally and take time to explore, (Michelle can give you recommendations).  We will begin with idea exchange and development of a lighting concept, then we will develop that plan into individual rooms and together create suitable lighting ideas into the space, using sample lights and mock up effects installed in our offices that enable  you to visualize what your new home will look like.

Experience has shown that to stop / start a creative process is far less rewarding than total immersion and quality time. We will be very productive and get vast amounts of work done together whilst we will seek to make you comfortable and ensure the time spent designing your beautiful new home together is a memorable day.

You are probably busy in your life, and the multiple decisions being placed upon you for your new dream house can be stressful. Everyone wants your time, decision and probably money… dedicating a full day may sound a lot to ask, but this is a hugely rewarding day away from the other decisions and you leave with a deep insight and one less thing to worry about, that will now be World Class and perfect. Your investment in your project is the most valuable thing you can do for yourself and this important part of creating your dream.

I hope we can work together

Kind Regards


nb.  Can’t come to us?  Shall we come to you?


People send us pdf drawings, photos of architects drawings from standing on a chair (careful of any health and safety hazards of course!) links to your planning authority or just photos of the rooms as they are now.

We know everyone is individual and we would always love to hear an idea, way of working that suits you.

It all starts with a conversation!

Not quite right for your project?