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Sometimes you just need new knowledge and professional ideas.

A creative session with you is where a project takes shape. We create inspiring and achievable lighting that will bring your space alive, and answers questions on technical, control and influences interior design decisions.

The agenda is up to you, be that a detailed session of one room, or an over arching plan for a suite of rooms.

Meet us in Shropshire, book in advance and send us any drawings, photos or ideas. Be ready for about a 1.5hr meeting that will explore ideas and answer all the questions you have.

Of course exploring, sketching and then settling on a design gives you notes, ideas and you can make a video summary to take away.

If you would like the session followed up with a computer aided design, circuits and full specification of documents, this can be added – please ask for further details.


People send us pdf drawings, photos of architects drawings from standing on a chair (careful of any health and safety hazards of course!) links to your planning authority or just photos of the rooms as they are now.

We know everyone is individual and we would always love to hear an idea, way of working that suits you.

It all starts with a conversation!

Not quite right for your project?