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Sometimes you just need new knowledge and professional ideas.

Great for :

  • The Self build who wants to steal the best design “hacks” key features and to learn as much as possible about LEDs and secret lighting ideas.
  • The home owner with an extension or part home refurbishment that you know wants to be amazing and designed professionally, but budget is tight.
  • The builder / electrician who wants to grab new skills and know the inside techniques to wire, plaster and install hidden, architectural ideas for their customers.
  • Work with Phil via zoom normally on the last Friday of the Month when you can design live as much of your project as possible. Gain knowledge from Phil’s 25 years of knowledge.
  • Just book an hour of Phil’s time to help design that awkward space, high ceiling or that one special room you just want to get right.
  •   T : 01588 650 587 or email


People send us pdf drawings, photos of architects drawings from standing on a chair (careful of any health and safety hazards of course!) links to your planning authority or just photos of the rooms as they are now.

We know everyone is individual and we would always love to hear an idea, way of working that suits you.

It all starts with a conversation!

Not quite right for your project?