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The most comprehensive design package we offer is based on 40 hours of a flexible contract.

“Good Lighting is like a layer of magic dust sprinkled over everything. It effects mood more than any other factor and is not a design ingredient you should ever skimp on.” Quote from Kelly Hoppen

“Premier” from Secret Lighting is where we take care of every detail to ensure that “sprinkle” falls perfectly on every surface. We do the co-ordination with all your design and construction team, we care for each detail and ensuring the right equipment is on site at the right time and each member of the installation team has been instructed on each type of light.

Personal professional service at every stage of the project, we take care from the first measurements, to the first and second fit stages…we even provide assistance to the final stages of the decorators, then set the stage with selected scenes and controls.

Whilst the secret lighting company prides itself on being accessible with professional designs, be those who project manage or self build…Premier is for the discerning client, who knows the quality result they expect, but a busy life means you just need someone to “take control”, a safe pair of expert hands to share your vision and simply deliver the end result.

In Phil Gardner you will find a lighting expert, with 25 years of professional lighting design across the World. From beautiful palaces and villas in the Middle East, Beach homes for renowned families or country homes in the heart of England, Phil will deliver a unique, bespoke lighting design.

A previous student of the Bartlett School of Architecture with a Masters degree in Light and Lighting, Phil has regularly guest lectured at UCL and institutions across Europe and the Middle East. He is author of books and courses in design, which have been translated into languages from Norwegian to Japanese, and has had the privilege to conduct courses to architects such as Foster and Partners.

Premier clients simply engage with us on an agreed number of hours, we keep detailed records you can see at any time on your private portal. On your secret lighting portal we also keep all your drawings, designs and fixtures, we ensure each member of your design and construction team know what they need in advance and can also drop in videos of installation examples and wiring details,  a great feature that enables electricians to “double check” instantly on their phone whilst on site, getting things right first time and to the highest quality takes preparation and experience.


People send us pdf drawings, photos of architects drawings from standing on a chair (careful of any health and safety hazards of course!) , links to your planning authority or just photos of the rooms as they are now.

We know everyone is individual – it all starts with a conversation!

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