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Project managers

Self Builders

For the Self build or you are overseeing the project, we designed the

Lighting Strategy

A whole 1:1 day with Phil Gardner at our studio

Designed around your personal agenda, the day can help you from creative ideas, a unified concept and learn how to bring these ideas to life, demonstrate live with different LED solutions the techniques, colours and controls to enable you to finalise your ideas and feel confident how the lighting will transform your new home.

You will achieve

Our Services

A unique, professional look to your design.

Inside knowledge from over 20 years, which will help you avoid costly mistakes.

Know what to buy and how to achieve quality, long lasting solutions.

The knowledge and confidence to move your project along quicker.

Place firm budgets to your design & installation costs.

Decide on the level and complexity (if at all) of automation to use.

The day is titled a Transformation Day, because it will truly move you to a new way to see and design your home, for the first time visualize it with confidence and knowing the role of light will help with décor, interior design and of course colours and window treatment.

You will begin to picture your new home in scenes, different times of the day and year… moments when you just arrive home from a journey to cosy nights in and enjoying friends company or a Christmas gathering…


The day with Phil was incredibly helpful in getting to a really interesting design…..  saved me a great deal of time and energy trawling websites without enough knowledge to come to a decision on anything. I couldn’t recommend Phil highly enough.

Mr & Mrs Excall, Uxbridge

The Transformation day is available Monday to Friday at our Studio in Shropshire by appointment

Our other services

One Room Revelation

A new way to see & design your home

A one day 1:1 day with Phil Gardner at our studio. 

The Compleat* Designer

Delivering an outstanding home

Full design projects, working as part of the design team

Whether you’re a self-builder, project manager, architect, electrician or anything in between, get in touch and we’ll show you what we can do

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