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Design in a Day

of professional lighting design

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Self Builds

30 years of experience to move you forward in just One Day!

Build your own agenda, bring your worries, dreams and spend a creative, exciting day with Phil to move your home to a new level.

Now in its 5th year, “Design in a Day” is the market leader as Phil brings you World class designs, 30 years of construction, architecture  and lighting experience.

We have guests from all the UK, often Europe and the Middle East to our humble studio in Shropshire to spend a day of true transformation with Phil.

Your new home is important, it deserves the very best ideas, professional designs and years of experience that will save you time and money “getting it right” first time, methods to reduce labour and costs in the creation of sophisticated ideas.

Design in a Day is available Monday to Friday at our Studio in Shropshire by appointment

Who is it designed for?

Self builds and refurbishments who want high end results without teams of expensive experts and designers taking all the budget!

When you are surrounded by “decisions, decisions” and know you want more than rows spot lights or some led strips running everywhere.

Make yOur Agenda

We tailor the day to you & your needs

Create a flexible day based on your needs so you achieve everything you want and lots more !


– A conceptual design for all the house to explore ideas, solve spaces that trouble you, explore the need for controls and automation, the role of blinds and the World of Secret Lighting.  Leave owning all the knowledge and skills to finalise your plans and instruct your builder/electrician.

– Some days are planned with the intention of a single day’s investment in your lighting design.  Design together in real time solutions for key spaces or rooms.  Find the trade sources, suppliers and how to achieve great results on a tight budget.

– Other days can be for the “GULP!” moment …

My electrician is coming in 2 weeks and I just looked at the drawings the architect did! I know I want more than just pendants and rows of downlights” 

There is no time for concepts and visuals, but you need help!  In these cases, you’re more than welcome to bring your electrician or builder along for the day as well to be part of the solution!  

We find typically people save many times the day’s fee (£1000 + VAT) and find it a great investment.

You will achieve

Our Services

A unique, professional look to your design.

Inside knowledge from over 30 years, which will help you avoid costly mistakes.

Know what to buy and how to achieve quality, long lasting solutions.

The knowledge and confidence to move your project along quicker.

Place firm budgets to your design & installation costs.

Decide on the level and complexity (if at all) of automation to use.

The best value in a day you will spend on the complete project. Everyone should include a day with Phil at the very least!

Mr A Grenier

W Midlands

Linda and I travelled to Shropshire for a design day last May, we have built many houses over the years and always planned our own lighting but it was the one thing we knew could be better so we actually liked the idea of being included in the design of our new extension.

On the day Phil got lots of lights from boxes and showed us things we had never seen before, there is nothing like this from B&Q. He had ideas we would never have thought of and when we asked questions he gave us the confidence we needed to go ahead and use his ideas, we are really pleased we did. It was a great day we remember even now, and the lighting for our new kitchen and lounge is very special.

Graham & Linda Maddocks


The day with Phil was incredibly helpful in getting to a really interesting design … saved me a great deal of time & energy trawling websites without enough knowledge to come to a decision on anything. I couldn’t recommend Phil highly enough.

Mr & Mrs Excall


We just completed our dream home in Leicestershire and in almost every department we over ran and over spent. The lighting I have to say was the one element we planned in advance got really excited about and went according to Phil’s design. I would recommend Phil’s services everytime.

Mark Blair

Nuneaton, Leicestershire

One Day is available Monday to Friday at our Studio in Shropshire by appointment

Whether you’re a self-builder, project manager, architect, electrician or anything in between, get in touch and we’ll show you what we can do

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