Light, Design Elements & Control

With or Without Light. Unlock the potential of your space


Unlock the potential of your space

With or Without Light. a NEW service

One simple service that allows you to create your vision and personalise it, own it and love what you have achieved. The new way to design your interior, combine architecture, interior design elements and lighting in one process to unlock the true potential of your space.





About Us

Secret Lighting is a world-leading creator of bespoke homes designed with light and intelligence. For three decades, we have been redefining the integration of light into the very fabric of architecture. We balance the craftsmanship of Italian designs with smooth, quiet German electronics & tune them to the pursuit of perfection.

We support architects, designers, construction and homeowners with a range of bespoke services exploring design ideas, sharing knowledge and professional equipment for the decerning.

We design the Atmopshere. We plan the opportunities.

We embody electric light into the fabric of the building & design how the walls meet the floor and ceiling.

Add personality to your walls – come and choose!

After the architect

If the building exists or is still the vision of your skilled architect, the next service is with us to walk through the space, the natural light, the way you will live, feel and how others will respond: Interior, space planning and the arrival of light.


The interior designer

We use 30 years specialist knowledge to plan how light will work and to control it. We love to work closely with the interior designer on furnishings, fabrics, colour and artwork – it’s a partnership!

The Cinema & Technologist

Recognising the specialisms, technology and engineering we can partner with all your team and your builder & electrician. “One hand washes the other” when we plan the vision of the room, ceilings and walls to help acoustics and soft lighting it makes for a great team. We can assist and talk the same language of your other professionals to ensure compatible electronics and protocols for one unified perfect outcome.

It’s so much more than lighting

We use a special method developed over 30 years of Architecture, Daylight and understanding Neuroscience to predict how people will look, move, feel in a space.

We have unique building systems ready to bend walls, ceilings, we have a unique collection of flexible design elements to create a world of possibilities, textures and hidden, secret lighting, ready for the arrival of colour, fabrics and art.

Only when you know the lighting can you plan for the controls to be designed and deliver the atmosphere, smooth dimming and blended colour temperatures.

Bespoke design or DIY

You are welcome to view our designs without contracting to any design work. We can also supply product only if you prefer to DIY, or you are a trade professional. 

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