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4 Steps to create a Lighting Design – this formula is quoted across the World on hundreds of sites (step 5 is ours!)

Step 1:Multiply the room’s width by its depth to ascertain the square footage. Step 2:Multiply the square footage by 1.5 (or 2.5 for task areas like Kitchens) to give the total wattage needed in the room. For example in the kitchen below 4.2mtrs (thus 190SqFt x 2.5 =...

Grand Designs Live, NEC Birmingham

It's our first time exhibiting at Grand Designs Live 14-18 October 2018 - come and visit us at Stand B35. Feel free to bring your plans along and come and see us for a chat.

Beautiful Cottage Lighting Design

Not every house has to be grand - you can go and stay in this idyllic fisherman's cottage in Port Issac. More photos of this unique destination to come.

One Hallway – 3 Lighting Solutions

Who do you turn to for advice?  Your builder, your electrician? For more ideas about hallway lighting, download the free ebook on our website.

The High Street is changing to be an Experience

…So experts say, The big retailers on the high street are all seeking the “next” way to keep retail alive and words like “experience” and “destination” are key buzz words. The clever directors at AL Nasser Group (biggest independent retailer of Lighting across Saudi...

Lady Thatcher said she was “Not for turning”

…I think I’m having a moment here! When LEDs became the major light source in a lighting design, I tended to add a filter to the colour and make it more like the old GLS warm white we all grew up with…to the technical that is 2700Kelvin. In the past say 5 years I...

Shades of Grey didn’t kill Magnolia….

It was the light what did it! Back in the 90’s when TV shows on interior design were a big hit, every wall was painted some off white with a hint of warmth, the trend went on for all builders and developers to paint everything neutral in some format of “magnolia”. In...

We sit around all day…

We sit around all day, yes its true. Design in a day is all about sitting around the board room table with our clients, understanding their hopes , lives and what they like in design, then we design a bespoke look and feel for the home with light at the centre. When...

Danger “Blue Light”

The BBC along with other news sources seem to love stories of a good night sleep by not watching screens from phones and tablets before bedtime, all because there is blue in the light and 15 years ago we discovered how we are more stimulated by blue in the natural...

Primitive Advice … Can’t believe it!

One of our customers walked into a lighting shop recently (no this is not the start of a joke … it really happened) and was informed by the sales advisor not to buy an LED light because LED’s were not going to be the future.  In professional terms we actually now use...

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