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Modern Commercial Lighting


Create lighting empathetic to the building style, often built into the fabric.


What is the space for and what does success look like for the owners and occupants.


Neuro Responsive Design techniques predict how the space will feel and humans will respond.


Integrate or separate to the luminaires UV or HINS technology uses Light to kill bacteria & viruses (including Covid)


Human Centric lighting to help circadian rhythms, personal health and mental wellbeing


LiFi uses Light instead of radio waves increasing connectivity up to X 100 of WiFi

The careful balance of creativity and advanced technology that comes from insights into Architecture and Neuro Sciences

We understand how people see and interpret the World around them.

Our Services

Secret Lighting can provide consultations or a full design service

With our roots in architecture and light, now in our 3rd decade of professional design we respond to each project with extensive research into the architecture, materials, style, uses and ambitions for the space.

Our solutions are as unique and varied as the people or groups who own and occupy the space, the objective always to enrich lives and enhance the environment, whilst understanding and achieving what success looks like for you. We have many years of experience from retail, hospitality, leisure, public heritage buildings and Cityscapes.


The Secret Lighting Company was founded by Phil Gardner, who brings mastery of light and architecture and a pragmatic experience from 3 decades of construction and design.

Phil studied his Masters Degree from the Bartlett School of Architecture (UCL) and has held a number of senior posts across the World, author and educator in over 23 countries.

Your project will be personally managed by Phil and you will have direct and personal access.

Working with the very best technology partners ensures luminaires and installations are sustainable and long lived.

We understand ROI and the environment are mutual partners.

Our Commercial Clients

Planning Downlights and Moroccan hummus

Planning Downlights and Moroccan hummus

In 25 years + of lighting design I have done 2 things regularly … one is placing thousands of downlights in projects, the other is prepared and eaten almost as many meals … I like to cook, so I will share my recipes with you for designing beautiful rooms with ceiling...

Campaign for better lighting

Campaign for better lighting

I was hasty and should be more respectful!  But I can’t help disagreeing with 1.375 Million answers….many of you agree with ME! Following on my research from the last Blog and Internet Formulas… The Question was: Client - “I want some lights in my room…how many...

Whether you’re a self-builder, project manager, architect, electrician or anything in between, get in touch and we’ll show you what we can do

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