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Product introductions, showcases & inspiration

Secret Lighting Introduces

Product introductions, demonstrations & inspiration

Introducing Suelo

An uplight designed for outdoor lighting, capable of satisfying any design intent. Available in fixed and adjustable versions, with a variety of different outputs and optics.

Introducing Rako

Home automation. Market leaders in Lighting Controls demonstrate Whole of House Control.

Introducing MOdus

A modular suspended lighting system. Available in white, black and burnished finishes with a vast range of modules for individual composition.

Introducing Orma

A vast range of possible shapes, finish and optics combinations. An uplight, downlight and wall-mounted fixtures which, do not exceed 8 cm in height,

Introducing Sinfonia

Lamps of different shapes, sizes and finishes, designed to combine as “notes” on sheet music, for a“symphony” of light.

Introducing Ink

A modular lighting system, designed for installation in series along the cable, moveable and versatile.

Introducing Rubber

Light that becomes a line, it bends, turns upside down. A tangible sign towards a new conception of light.

Introducing Giotto

GIOTTO recessed LED … a tribute to the famous artist who proved his skill to Pope Boniface VII by drawing a perfect circle freehand.

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