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Why having a “lighting strategy” is more important than a lighting design – in one word budget !!

by | Oct 14, 2021

A well thought out strategy and design approach allows us to predict cost in advance and adjust the designs to fit the design accordingly.

There are lots more benefits of a strategy namely:-

Having a guiding concept of the look and feel for each space.

Allowing the flow of ideas and design.

Creating one document that informs and influences:-

The interior design. 

The approach for automation (how much or not). 

Trades (i.e electricians) to instantly see what you are trying to achieve.

A Lighting Strategy puts your mind to rest of how a difficult subject has become achievable, helps you visualise living in the home

Most importantly, from the simple strategy we can estimate/ allocate a “Budget”.

When we go forward with a detailed design (specification) and drawings we know it is based on an agreed cost and not having to take apart a professional scheme with

“re-engineered” products because the total of the scheme was a shock.

You need:- 

1 set of house plans (hopefully sections and elevations included)

(if it is a refurbishment then we need lots of photos etc)

You. Usually the owners and occupiers of a home…

1 day with Phil in our design studio.


A visual document showing the design approach of each room and adjoining spaces, where is daylight, where is unwanted shadow etc, what is the activity and level of light…where are the opportunities and ideas. Images support the strategy with pictures of techniques we want to use, fixtures we like and sketches where Secret / hidden light may be used.


£1,000 + vat.

“The best value in a day you will spend on the complete project. Everyone should include a day with Phil at the very least. Mr A Grenier. W Midlands

“Linda and I travelled to Shropshire for a design day last May, we have built many houses over the years and always planned our own lighting but it was the one thing we knew could be better so we actually liked the idea of being included in the design of our new extension.

On the day Phil got lots of lights from boxes and showed us things we had never seen before, there is nothing like this from B&Q. He had ideas we would never have thought of and when we asked questions he gave us the confidence we needed to go ahead and use his ideas, we are really pleased we did. It was a great day we remember even now, and the lighting for our new kitchen and lounge is very special.”

Graham & Linda, Maddocks. Derbyshire. 

“We just completed our dream home in Leicestershire and in almost every department we over ran and over spent. The lighting I have to say was the one element we planned in advance got really excited about and went according to Phil’s design. I would recommend Phil’s services everytime.”

Mark Blair, Nuneaton, Leicestershire


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