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Clever, healthy, successful buildings use Secret Lighting

by | Oct 25, 2022

Most measures of success have at their source ”people”, putting people at the core of our design purpose …. in short it follows that light reveals the space and so we argue for light to be designed with the architecture, and not just a service added to the end.

However, light can carry other components from within the “tuning” of the LED itself, we can add and detract from the spectrum of colour to be empathetic to a human ”circadian rhythm”.

We can add ultraviolet (beyond human vision) to either make plants (green walls) grow in the absence of daylight. Adding specific UV at carefully calibrated strengths can kill germs and even viruses. The advances in LIFI enable data to be transmitted 100 times greater than WIFI through the lighting systems ….

Whatever the measure by which you judge a modern building, light is very much at the heart of its overall success. The more we integrate and work with the design team, the more clever, healthy and rewarding the final outcome could be.


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Secret Lighting is a world leading creator of bespoke homes designed with light and intelligence.

For three decades, we have been redefining the integration of light into the very fabric of architecture, creating the innovative, beautiful and spectacular homes.

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