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Secrets in Design

by | Jun 12, 2024

Does the increase in AI & 3D renderings mean you “ Don’t need a lighting designer” ?

All you do is create a moodboard & concept for a design from thousands of amazing choices.

So now our work has become less “lighting design” but more “how to construct” and be your experienced partner. We concentrate upon using our 30 years of construction and new manufacturing processes that the real value in partnership with “secret lighting” is we help to break down the list of materials, the profiles, the type and power of the lighting and the methods (often in video form) of constructing theses very ideas.

Come and spend just one day with us in our West Midlands studio and turn your concept into a workable design, see, plug & play with lighting and controls components and list all the parts and suppliers you will need at trade…this is really powerful, bring your builder or electrician… 

Ask about : “Secrets in Design”, a day of discovery, decisions and move your project forwards with professional results.

(note the room shown uses drop ceilings and curves…we will show you iProfili.com easy systems with bendable studs)


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Secret Lighting is a world leading creator of bespoke homes designed with light and intelligence.

For three decades, we have been redefining the integration of light into the very fabric of architecture, creating the innovative, beautiful and spectacular homes.

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